Why Photoshop CC Generate Assets is kickass

Image assets generation in Photoshop is a pain in the ass because it was never purposely built into the program. People had to hack it with cropping, resizing, etc. It’s only become more difficult as ever more screen resolutions are invented and assets must now be sized for many different DPIs.

The Decemeber 2014 update to Photoshop CC added a new “Generate Assets” tool that’s meant to make multiple DPI assets extraction much easier. Here’s my workflow for generating multiple assets in multiple DPIs painlessly.

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Feedback is Vital to a Positive User Experience

Recently, my roommates and I moved into a new apartment building, and as with all apartment buildings, there are a million and one loose ends to tie up in the process of settling in.

One of those incredibly vital but tedious things to set up, is the buzzer. On a side note, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the buzzer can be programmed to call a phone (oh how technology has improved since I last lived in an apartment where suites had built in buzzers). The tricky thing with setting up the buzzer in our building is that we no longer have a front desk person 5 days a week, instead they come in sometimes, often arbitrarily and at random and you must simply hope you bump into them.

Now the importance of a buzzer should not be underestimated. If you want to receive any couriered packages, what do they get into a miff about?

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Jealousy as a Design Problem

Jealousy is an ugly ugly emotion to feel. It turns perfectly stable people into monsters who gnash their teeth at the world for the unfairness of it all. It fills you with both self-loathing for feeling like a nasty person and may also manifest itself externally as resentment or bitterness towards an individual. I am not immune. I struggle with this a lot. But being a designer, I decided to tackle it like a design problem.

Finding the Problem

It’s not that the other person doesn’t deserve it, or that you worked so much harder, or that the world is conspiring about you. Problems are contextual. Identifying the patterns within the system that the problem resides in may provide an answer. What is jealousy? In what contexts does it manifest itself? Who specifically do you feel it towards? Where are the patterns occurring?


For myself, it most often occurs towards a fellow student or good friend.

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